Accepted Paper List

¡Ü Oral Session

# Paper Title Author Affiliation
1 Security Parameter determining method for the Commutative Cipher Based Filtering using Fuzzy Logic Soo Young Moon, Tae Ho Cho School of Information and Communication Engineering, SungKyunKwan University (SKKU)
2 Neighbor-Sensitive Sub-Channel Allocation for Fractional Frequency Reuse in Cellular OFDMA Systems In Ki Kim, Seung Su Han, and Tae-Jin Lee same as above
3 Application of Fuzzy Logic for Adaptive Filtering in the Statistical Filtering based Grid Sensor Networks Sang Ryul Kim and Tae Ho Cho same as above
4 An Efficient Paging Cache Update Method Based on Location Awareness in MCIP Jaesung, Kim, and Hyunseung Choo same as above
5 Differential Cleaning Policy for Secure Deletion of Data from Flash Memory Kisu Kim, Seongjin Ahn, and Jin-wook Chung same as above
6 Adaptive Virtual Hierarchy Synthesis for Hybrid Mobile Ad Hoc Network Mun-Ju Lee, Hun-Jung Lim, Tai-Myoung Chung same as above
7 Path Planning in a Framework of Non-holonomic Mobile Manipulator Visual Servoing Le Minh Phuoc, Philippe Martinet, Hunmo Kim, Sukhan Lee same as above
8 Fuzzy-based Hierarchical Key Diffusion Method in Sensor Networks Mun Su Kim and Tae Ho Cho same as above
9 Real-Time Stereopsis 3D Workspace Modeling with Multi-Scene Registration for Robotic Applications Jaewoong Kim, Junghyun Seo, Daesik Kim, Jeihun Lee and Sukhan Lee same as above
10 Generic Model based Axis Symmetric 3D Object Modeling Kyeong-Keun Baek, Yeon-Chool Park, Joon-Young Park, and Sukhan Lee same as above
11 Real Pleane Search in 3D environments JangWon Lee, Jae-Kyu Lee same as above
12 Baysian Evidence Selection for 3D Object Recognition and Pose Estimation JangWon Lee, Seungmin Beak same as above
13 A Method for the Objectives Space Coordinate Measuring Using Monocular Vision Li Kai, Han Yan, and Zhang Pizhuang Dept. of Electronic Information Engineering, North University of China
14 An Overview on Multi-object Tracking Cui Ruifang, Fu Liqin, and Han Yan same as above
15 A Review on Object Recognition in Computer Vision Guo Hongyu, Han Yan, Wang Jian and Yin Gang same as above
16 Analysis of Anti-jamming and Anti-multipath Fading Performances of DSSS Communication Based on MATLAB Guo Jiaxin, Hanyan same as above
17 Intelligent Location Technique for 3D Object Recognition Han Yueping, Han Yan, Lu Zhaojin, Li Ruihong same as above
18 Method for Getting Circle Parameters Based on Image Processing Technology Han Chao, Han Yan£¬Wang xiao ni same as above
19 Research on the Rectification of Projective Distortion Caused by Tilted Camera Ci Xiuli, Han Yan, Fu Liqin same as above
20 Object Categorization Using Weighted PLSA Hyun Chul Song, Inteck Whoang, Youngsuk Shin, Kwang Nam Choi Chung-Ang Univ.
21 Localizing Objects in Satellite Images Using Scale-Invariant Feature Transform Suk Chen Kang, Jeong-Min Jee, Jeong-Heon Kim, Kwang Nam Choi same as above
22 Mean-shift Based Tracking Algorithm Using Color Histogram Ratio Kim, Hee-young, Samuel H. Chang same as above
23 Object Modeling for a Visual Guide Robot System Samuel H. Chang, J. Fuller, and Ali Farsaie Spatial Integrated System (USA)
24 Signal Detection in Compound-Gaussian Noise Vyacheslav Tuzlukov, Ki Hyun Chung, Yong Deak Kim Ajou Univ.

¡Ü Poster Session

# Poster Title Author Affiliation
 1  MIMO Channel Performance Analysis Using IEEE802.16e-2005 Mobile WiMAX Kyoung-hoon Oh, Jong-hyuk Jeong, and Youngoo Yang School of Information and Communication Engineering, SungKyunKwan University (SKKU)

¡Ü Workshop Session

# Workshop Title Author Affiliation
 1  Projects in Robotics, Control and Sensor Fusion S. Westerberg, I. Manchester and A. Shiriaev Dept. of Applied Physics and Electronics, Umea University
2 3D vision application for forestry machines same as above same as above
3 Dynamics-Based Robot Motion Planning: Lessons from Human Motor Control F. C. Park Seoul National University
4 AI/Software on Intelligent Robotics Jaeho Lee Univ. of Seoul

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Call For Papers


Mobile Communications and internet Systems
Artificial Intelligence
Informatics and Networks
Autonomous System Control
Intelligent Robotics and Sensing
Human Computer Interaction

Submission Procedure

Authors are invited to submit full papers of maximum 4 pages (two columns, 10 fonts) in PDF format through the conference website. Submitted papers must describe original work not published elsewhere. Accepted papers must be presented at the conference by one of the authors to appear in the conference proceeding. For submission send your paper to the CISIPN 2007 secretariat via E-mail,

Template File Download :

Important Dates

Full Paper Submission : November 5, 2007    November 14, 2007
                                         Dead Line Extension!!!   (November 22, 2007)
Notification of Acceptance : November 24, 2007
Camera-Ready Papers & Presentation Files : November 26, 2007

Call for Poster Sessions

Authors of the accepted papers in a poster session are expected to bring the poster (A0 size) and to present the paper at CISIPN 2007.

Call for Workshops

Proposals for workshops that address topics related to the conference themes are welcome. We seek state-of-the-art programs with high level of interest, impact, creativity and innovation. Please submit your proposal via email to CISIPN 2007 secretariat, by November 12, 2007.
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November 26

9:30 ~ 10:00 Registration
10:00 ~ 10:30 Opening Session
  Track I : Workshop : ¡°dependable robotics¡± Room A Track II Oral Room B-1 Track III Poster Room B-2
10:30 ~ 12:30 Center Introduction Paper Session Poster Session
12:30 ~ 14:00 Lunch
14:00 ~ 15:00 Topic/Paper Presentation Paper Session Poster Session
15:00 ~ 15:20 Coffee Break Break Break
15:20 ~ 16:30 Topic/Paper Presentation Paper Session Poster Session
17:30 ~ 19:00 All Session Closed

November 27

Track I Oral Room A-1
10:00 ~ 12:00 Topic/Paper Presentation
12:00 ~ 13:30 Lunch
13:30 ~ 15:00 Free Discussion
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Renassance Hotel(seoul)
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Welcome to CISIPN2007

The first conference on Intelligent System, Information Processing, and Network will be held in Seoul, a beautiful city. We would like to invite researchers and practitioners around the world to attend CISIPN 2007 to keep up with the recent advancement in the field of intelligent system, information processing and network as well as exchanging ideas under the conference themes concerning dependable robotics, information processing and network. CISIPN 2007 promotes opportunities for information exchange and international networking in the field of intelligent system, information processing and network at a friendly and culturally stimulating setting.

Accepted paper list available NOW !!!

Registration Fee is Free

General Chair
   Prof. Sukhan Lee, Korea

Organizing Chair
   Prof. Hyung Jin Choi, Korea

Program Chair
   Prof. Anton Shiriaev, Sweden

Program Co-Chair
   America: Prof. Samuel Chang, USA
   Europe: Prof. Rolf Johansson, Sweden
   Asia: Prof. Vyacheslav Tuzlukov, Russia

CISIPN 2007 Secretariat
   Phone: +82 31 299 6471
   Fax: +82 31 299 6467
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