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  • The 17th International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication
  • (Paper Due : 2008-02-01 / update date : 2008-01-03)

    Theme and Topics :

    This year's symposium theme is

    "From Personal Robots . . .

    . . . towards Robots with Personalities?"

    reflecting the increasing demand of social integration of intelligent technical systems into human centered real-world scenarios.

    RO-MAN adresses fundamental issues in coexistence of robots and humans from psychological and philosophical aspects over interaction and communication mechanisms to technological systems and architectures. Manifold real-world application areas such as rescue, assistance, care, education, or entertainment require cognitive and social skills in order to provide safe, intuitive, and efficient interaction and goal-directed proactive behavior. Along with gradual development of those fundamental capabilities robots grow from basic tools to unique entities which not only are able to assist but may also take charge of situations arising and in near future form unique characters distinguishing them from one another. Robots with humanlike personality traits will contribute to raise acceptance, benefit social integration and interindividual relationships, and facilitate human-robot professional task forces and social groups. RO-MAN brings together a broad interdisciplinary community of students and scientists of psychology, cognitive science, computer science, robotics, and more. We cordially invite you to contribute to make RO-MAN ‘08 a stimulating event and enjoyable come together...


    Relevant topics include, but are not limited to:

    • Embodied interaction and communication
    • Multi-modal communication
    • Philosophical issues of human-robot coexistence
    • Cognitive psychology in human-robot interactions
    • Artificial emotion and emotional communication
    • Human factors evaluations for human-robot systems
    • Robotic therapy and medical/surgical applications
    • Socially interactive robots
    • Entertainment and education robots
    • Face and body expression and recognition
    • Collaborative robotics in manufactoring environments
    • Situation recognition and understanding of task contents
    • Motion, task planning, and coordination in human-robot teams
    • Skill acquisition through teaching, interaction, or imitation
    • Robot assistants for housekeeping and care

    Previous conference : 2008 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing  - (paper due : 2008-01-18)

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