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Auto Exposure

Leader: Moonwook Ryu
Contact: Moonwook Ryu (

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SungKyunKwan University
Intelligent System Research Center (ISRC)
Nano and Intelligent System Lab
83695 2nd Research building
300 Cheoncheon-dong, Jangan-gu,
Suwon, Gyeonggi-do
440 - 746
Project Description
In structured light system, the projector illuminates patterns, and the patterns captured by the camera are decoded; then it is reconstructed as 3D range data. In this system, it is important to discriminate the patterns illuminated by the projector from the captured images. But every object in real environments has a different reflection because of its material and surface’s color property, so the precise discrimination of the projected pattern from the image is a hard problem in indoor environments where the dark and the bright objects are located together especially when the camera exposure setting is not good. Different from the conventional camera exposure estimation technique, we should estimate the exposure which makes the illuminated light by the projector can be captured properly by the camera. Therefore, we need to consider the both equipments together.

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