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- The World Class University project is a higher education subsidy program of the Korean government, which invites international scholars who posses advanced research capacities to collaborate with Korean faculty members and establish new academic programs in key growth-generating fields.

- Human-like natural interaction of robot with human is regarded as the key for the success in service robotics. There are three main factors for facilitating the human-like naturalness in interaction: 1) the dependability in recognizing the intent and emotion of the counterpart under significant uncertainties and ambiguities, 2) the proactive establishment of bi-directional flows of interaction in response to the recognized intent and emotion of the counterpart, and 3) the willingness to understand, learn and demonstrate the behavioral norms preferred by the counterpart. Our research focuses on the goal-driven perceptual attention and the cognitive robotic engine (CRE) for natural human robot interaction. The goal-driven perceptual attention demonstrates, unlike a conventional saliency feature map, how the specific knowledge relevant to the goal interacts with the bottom-up process of external visual stimuli for saliency detection.

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