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Object Categorization and Self Modeling for Intelligent Manufacturing

Leader: Jaewoong Kim
Contact: Jaewoong Kim (

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Intelligent System Research Institute (ISRI)
Research Complex 2, 6th floor, Building C, Natural Sciences Campus, Sungkyunkwan University,
2066, Seobu-ro, Jangan-gu, Suwon-si,
Gyeonggi-do 440-746, South Korea
Project Description
(Top-Left) GM Motoman Robot with Structural light 3D Sensor (Top-Right) Household Object Modeling and Kettle Modeling (Bottom-Left) extraction geometric primitive from Alternator CAD Data, Real alternator data match CAD Model (Bottom-Right) Alternator modeling and Pose Estimation • Extracting the shape get the 2D and 3D image using high accuracy structure light 3D sensor.. • for household or industrial objects Approximate sphere, plane, cylinder and corn primitive geometric shape. so this method generate categorized model.. • Object without model information make primitive geometric shape combination. so object generate self modeling. this method applied to pose estimation and object recognition.. • given CAD model information for industrial robot about target object, extract primitive geometric shape. so recognition and modeling information applied that.
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