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Team Leader: Areum Kim
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Team Description
This project is about a non-contact Smart Vital Sign (pulse, oxygen saturation, respiration rate, blood pressure, body temperature, pupil response) monitoring device that can be attached and detached to the outside of a portable negative pressure chamber.
Technology for extracting ROI(Region of Interest) from video data is included in order to more accurately estimate vital sign from data collected by camera and to reduce spatial dependence.
Vital Sign is estimated by analyzing the reflectance data for each wavelength collected using the Hyper Spectral camera and extracting the feature through a deep learning model from it.
Moreover, we will develop a technology for estimating body temperature that is robust to the surrounding environment through the data on people's facial temperature distribution in various environments collected from thermal cameras.
Finally, the experimental measurement environment is configured in consideration of illuminance, measurement distance, and field of view of the camera, and data related to vital signs are collected and evaluated from real experimenters through the designed HW device.

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 Kausar AsiaPhD
Current Projects
Estimate the Vital Sign using Hyper Spectral Camera
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