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3D Sensing

Team Leader: Sukyun Lee
Contact: Sukyun Lee (

Mailing address:
SungKyunKwan University
Intelligent System Research Center (ISRC)
Nano and Intelligent System Lab
83695 2nd Research building
300 Cheoncheon-dong, Jangan-gu,
Suwon, Gyeonggi-do
440 - 746
Team Description

3D range sensing has been a momentous issue in computer vision, robotics as well as industry due to its potential applications like 3D object recognition, robotic manipulation and reverse engineering, etc. Structured light is an active stereo vision system employing a projector and a camera. It is one of the reliable techniques to measure the geometry of a scene. We are developing a novel 3D Camera based on structured light. It will be very useful in a robot field.

The main features of our approach as follows:
 - Hierarchical Orthogonal Code(HOC) algorithm ; an original approach to coding the light patterns for robust depth imaging based on structured light

 Daesik KimDoctor of
 Moonwook RyuPhD
 Yeonsoo KimMaster
Current Projects
3D reconstruction
To encode a position, we assign a unique address in each position of the projector's image.
3D Camera HW based on Structured Light
We have two types of 3D Camera HW. First, 3D IR Camera based on structured light suitable for robots working in home environment. Because IR light is employed in order to achieve human friendliness and robustness in illumination variation.
Auto Exposure
In structured light system, the projector illuminates patterns, and the patterns captured by the camera are decoded.
Recent publications

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